Claudia Fehr-Levin


Claudia is Textile Designer by trade, but a Children’s Book illustrator and an Art Teacher by passion!
A mother of 4 amazing children that embrace life with vigor! She is constantly kept on her toes! Recently moved back to the wonderful warm and welcoming Jezreel Valley. Greatly inspired and surrounded by love, happiness, chaos, Himalayas style piles of washing, fields of changing hues, colour and creativity!!A real life balancing act!

She loves to paint, mix colours and create textures with vibrant life & energy! She uses radiant inks, pastels, pencils combined with collage/recycle materials, old magazine cuttings, odd collections and photographs to add a unique & exciting flavor. She is passionate about the basics and even with her computer skills she insists to start with paper and pen!

She is a graduate from Ruth Prowse School of Art in South Africa, majoring in Textile Design and has since topped up her studies in Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign at Mentor in Israel.

She has been published by many successful and leading companies in South Africa, in Israel and internationally. Claudia is the owner of Cloudscape Designs where she designs and sells her own unique range of hand-painted t-shirts, recycled jewelry, canvases and greeting cards.
She also teachers English, art & comics...and part of a new fantastic extra-mural project for periphery schools "Art and Recycling"

She would love to hear from you!