Claudia Fehr-Levin


I am a Textile Designer by trade, but a Children’s Book illustrator and an Art Teacher by passion!
A mother of 4 amazing children that embrace life with vigor! I am constantly kept on my toes! I recently moved back to the wonderful warm and welcoming Jezreel Valley. A real life balancing act!
Greatly inspired and surrounded by love, happiness, chaos, Himalayas mountains of washing, fields of changing hues, colour and creativity!!
I love to paint, mix colours and create textures with vibrant life & energy! I use radiant inks, pastels, pencils combined with collage/recycle materials, old magazine cuttings, odd collections and photographs to add a unique & exciting flavor. I am passionate about the basics and even with my computer skills I insist to start with paper and pen or pencil!
I have been published by many successful and leading companies in South Africa, a few in Israel and ebooks internationally. I am also the proud owner a small business called Cloudscape Designs. I design and sell my own unique range of hand-painted t-shirts, recycled jewelry, dream catchers, mobiles and greeting cards.
My week is divided up into teaching art & running my studio.
I am a graduate of Ruth Prowse School of Art in South Africa, majoring in Textile Design .I love to study & have topped up my studies in Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign at Mentor in Israel.
Id love to hear from you!