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English Reader-“Animal Snack Bar” -published by Ofarim, Israel

Illustration from Koleka’s Calabash,Cambridge University Press,South Africa

English Reader-“Ben’s Hen” -published by Ofarim, Israel

English Reader-“Inside/Outside”- published by Ofarim, Israel

Ofarim ,Maskew Millar Longman Publishers and Cambridge University Press

Here you can see selection of my published works for Readers in Israel and South Africa.
Black and white drawings with a rotring pen,drawing on watercolor paper, adding pencil,inks,gouache or pastels to create dimension. I am passionate about collage, using magazine cuttings, photos, textiles (with great prints) and collected bits and bobs. My love for pattern, texture, colour and decorative detail is strong. I use Photoshop & InDesign bring it all together!

Story books, Readers, Educational books, Poetry Books
Freelance Illustrator