Childrens Book Illustrations

“Animal Snack Bar” -published by Ofarim, Israel

“Ben’s Hen” -published by Ofarim, Israel

“Inside/Outside”- published by Ofarim, Israel

Artwork for Cambridge University press, South Africa

people & faces published by various different publishers

Claudi's Curtain -Published by Cambridge University Press, South Africa

Save the star-published by Cambridge University Press, South Africa

Milly’s gifts -published by Ofrim, Israel

Ofarim ,Maskew Millar Longman Publishers and Cambridge University Press

Here you can see selection of my published works from Israel and South Africa.
I begin each illustration the old fashioned way: as a drawing on watercolour paper, adding pencil and pastels to create dimension. I am passionate about collage using magazine cuttings, photos, textiles (with great prints) and collected bits and bobs. My love for pattern, texture, colour and decorative detail is strong. I then use Photoshop & InDesign bring it all together!

Story books, Readers, Educational books, Poetry Books
Freelance Illustrator