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Middle Eastern Treasure
-published in “They Draw & Cook”

Jerusalem. Work in progress. Sketches for a card game

The Aleph Bet Poster -Published by Jerusalem Post Ivrit

Sabba’s soup recipe for Jerusalem Post Ivrit

Relaxing Mom -published in “They Draw & Cook”

Strawbangoberry Shake-published in “They Draw & Cook”

The Animal Aleph Bet Poster-Published by Jerusalem Post Ivrit

Happy Hanukkah Poster -Published by Jerusalem Post Ivrit

Jewish New Year – Published in Jerusalem Post Ivrit

Dear Japan,charity project for relief funds after the Tsunami in 2012,sold as postcards


A selection of artworks I have created for poster inserts for The Jerusalem Post Ivrit.
All my artworks start the “good old fashioned way” with inks, pencils, paints and pens, collage & lots of inspiration!!
I then use Photoshop, Indesign & Illustrator to combine it into a collage of fun, colour and textures.


The Jerusalem Post Ivrit- a newspaper for the whole family


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